Berkline 13174 and 12000 Group Home Theater Seats

It’s well known that great home theater seating makes a great home theater. What you may not know is that when it comes to value and quality, the seats in the Berkline 12000 group and 13174 group give an unparalleled  bang for your buck,.

These seats provide the same great quality that’s made Berkline the standard in home theater seating, at a lower price than their special order seating groups. In fact, the Berkline 13174 Group is actually a replica of the Berkline 45090 style, the best-selling Berkline seat of all time! Just like Berkline special-order seats, the Berkline 12000 Group and Berkline 13174 Group feature high-quality genuine leather, amply sized cupholders, and manual or power Wall-a-Way recline.  It’s the same high Berkline quality at a much lower price.

The only difference is that they’re pre-built, which allows them to be offered for much less than other Berkline home theater seating.  Plus, because these seats are already made, the Berkline 13174 and 12000 seats can be delivered much more quickly than their made-to-order Berkline counterparts, typically shipping out in a matter of days rather than weeks. 

So if it’s time to select some home theater seats, consider the Berkline 13174 and 12000 groups, if you want excellent Berkline quality and style at a great price.

The Great Home Theater Review Contest

There’s a new contest running at, the Home Theater Marketplace. Here’s how to enter:

Grand Prize: You’ll automatically be entered in adrawing for the grand prize by posting one review. Two names will bedrawn. Each person will receive 1 of two Berkline 090 power recline home theater seats, with Buttkickers!

There are also 10 other prizes that are based on who theTop 10 Reviewers on are. The Top 10 Reviewers are decided by whohas reviewed the most products. If you upload your own photo of theproduct, the review counts double. The review must be approved by the HTmarket team. Reviews are counted by reviewing different products, so pleasedo not review the same product twice, as this will not count. Top 10 prizes include an Epson 6100 Home Theater Projector, a Personalized DVD Intro, and a Radius Poster Frame, to name a few.

The Great Home Theater Review Contest is currently running, and ends November 9th. Head over to to enter!

Home Theater Guide

Whether you’re creating a new home theater or just looking to improve upon your current one, it’s a good idea to go over the fundamentals and consider new ideas. There’s many aspects of a home theater that merit careful consideration, from choosing projectors or home theater seating to creating that perfect atmosphere you’re looking for.

To help you learn the fundamentals and better plan your theater, has put together a resource which collects a ton of useful information in one place. Check out their handy Home Theater Guide. You’re sure to learn something, and you might get some cool ideas for your theater while you’re there!

HTmarket Rewards and Customer Reviews, the internet’s largest Home Theater store, has begun a customer rewards program called HT Rewards
, as well as a new customer review system.

It’s simple: customers earn 1 point for every $1 purchased, and 5 points for every customer review. These points can

be redeemed for gift certificates and select home theater products. To start

earning points, just sign up for an account!

There’s other benifits to opening an customer

account, as well. You can store billing and shipping details for a fast checkout, track and view orders online, re-

order items you’ve ordered before, save and share your favorite products, and even recieve exclusive discount


Whether you’re new to HTmarket or a seasoned home theater shopper, you should definitely head over to and start enjoying the benefits and rewards of an HTmarket

customer account.

Top 10 Home Theater Add Ons presents
the top ten home theater add ons which are great additions to existing

1. Home Theater
: Replace old furniture to make your
theater look more like a cinema.
2. Popcorn
: The smell and taste of popcorn is an
inexpensive option to add sizzle to any theater.
3. Posters and
: Authentic movie posters in changeable
frames are a great way to add the theater elements to the home theater.
4. Reels and Reel
: A simple clock reel adds to the
5. Acoustic
: Drastically improve appearance and sound
quality at one time with acoustic panels.
6. Signs and
: Distinguish the entrance to your
theater with chase lights.
7. Velour Ropes and
: Low cost add on to add some class to your
home theater.
8. Velour
: Great way to trim out screen and make it
look more like a real theater.
9. Personalized
: DVD intros to peronalized signs putting
your name on your theater is a great way to bring it home.
10. Lighting, Wall Sconces and
: Adding star ceilings and other lighting
helps set the right mood in the theater.

Berkline Quick Ship Home Theater Seats

you’re looking to pick up some home theater seating, you’ve no doubt
considered getting high-quality seating from Berkline. After all, a
Berkline seat is possibly the finest home theater chair
available. If a comfortable and luxurious home theater is what you
want, it’s worth mentioning that at HTmarket you can get Berkline seats
for less, and in less time, than you may have thought possible.

HTmarket’s Quick Ship Home Theater Seating
selection contains several Berkline home theater seats, all for a much
lower cost than you may expect. These quick ship seats are a low-cost
alternative to special order Berkline items. What’s more, they leave
the warehouse 2 to 5 days after ordering, and they arrive within 2
weeks! It’s the fastest and cheapest way to get comfy Berkline seats
delivered, and they’re the same high quality seats you’d expect from
Berkline. If you’re in the market for home theater seats, you owe it to yourself to check out the Berkline quick ship items at!

Home Theater Packages

If you’re setting up a new home theater, you can’t go wrong with the home theater packages on They’ve assembled a collection of bundles, each containing a high-quality Elite projector screen, Peerless Vector Pro II ceiling projector mount, Audioquest HDMI to HDMI cable and your choice of a home theater projector. That’s pretty much everything you need to make a home TV room into a true home theater- except, of course, for the home theater seating (though HTmarket carries that, too!).

If you’re not thrilled with the options you see in any of their home theater packages, they’ll change options or even work with you to create a custom home theater package, bundled to meet your specifications. Just call 1-888-764-9273, and make sure to mention the home theater package deals. It’s an effortless way to instantly upgrade your room into a genuine home theater!

New TV Stands at

New TV stands have arrived at! We’ve added several new television stands to our catalog, making this the perfect time to update your home theater, media room, living room or den. These stands support televisions up to 65″, and many sport features such as integrated Cable Management Systems, tempered glass, flat panel mounting and component ventilation.

Each television stand brings its own style to compliment your room, ranging from classic mahogany to contemporary steel. But don’t settle for a mere description- these high-end items have to be seen to be truly appreciated. Go on and take a look; the perfect TV stand is waiting at!

Elite Screens Summer Promotion

There’s a new Elite Screens promotion running at, and it’s impressive!

Basically, the deal is this: Buy a CineTension 2, Home2, EZ-Frame or VMAX2 series projector screen, and they’ll throw in free speakers. And these aren’t some junky little speakers- we’re talking SolaraSound speakers, worth up to $489!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving you $30 off as part of the deal.

By now, you can see how sweet this promo is. Elite Screens are already an excellent value for such quality stuff, and the free speakers just make them a ridiculously good deal. If you’re in the market for a projector screen (or a speaker, for that matter), check out the full details at the promotion page.

New Product Additions to

There’s a lot of new stuff worth checking out at, the online home theater marketplace! As a lot of you have found
out firsthand, their selection of home theater projectors and home theater lighting is pretty much unrivaled.  Well, they’re
upping the ante yet again with cool new items for your home theater from all over. For example, take a look at just a few of the new items:


The Deco Poster Frame  is a
straightforward, sharp-looking frame, perfect for movie posters (or any
posters). With three finishes to choose from, it’s a great fit for absolutely
any home theater décor (or any room where you’d like to hang a poster in a stylish movie poster frame!).


The Custom Spotlight Laser Cut Theatrical Sconce (whew!) is
a steel, gloss black-finished sconce which is engraved with the message of your
choice. It could say “Wayne Family Theater,” “Bruce’s Home
Theater,” or even “BEWARE OF LEOPARD”. The message is laser-cut
through the steel, so the light shines right through! These sconces will make
your theater truly one of a kind. Especially if you go with the leopard idea.


Speaking of cutting things with lasers, they’ve also got
Theatrical Laser Cut Home Theater Décor. Designs include movie tickets,
clapboards, comedy/tragedy masks, popcorn, variously sized stars and, of
course, a classic movie projector shape. They’re available in seven colorful
finishes, too.


Whether you’re just setting up a home theater or simply
spicing up your existing home theater, you should really head to HTmarket and check out all the new items,
as they were designed specifically with home theaters in mind!