Home Theater Packages

If you’re setting up a new home theater, you can’t go wrong with the home theater packages on HTmarket.com. They’ve assembled a collection of bundles, each containing a high-quality Elite projector screen, Peerless Vector Pro II ceiling projector mount, Audioquest HDMI to HDMI cable and your choice of a home theater projector. That’s pretty much everything you need to make a home TV room into a true home theater- except, of course, for the home theater seating (though HTmarket carries that, too!).

If you’re not thrilled with the options you see in any of their home theater packages, they’ll change options or even work with you to create a custom home theater package, bundled to meet your specifications. Just call 1-888-764-9273, and make sure to mention the home theater package deals. It’s an effortless way to instantly upgrade your room into a genuine home theater!

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