Elite Screens Summer Promotion

There’s a new Elite Screens promotion running at HTmarket.com, and it’s impressive!

Basically, the deal is this: Buy a CineTension 2, Home2, EZ-Frame or VMAX2 series projector screen, and they’ll throw in free speakers. And these aren’t some junky little speakers- we’re talking SolaraSound speakers, worth up to $489!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving you $30 off as part of the deal.

By now, you can see how sweet this promo is. Elite Screens are already an excellent value for such quality stuff, and the free speakers just make them a ridiculously good deal. If you’re in the market for a projector screen (or a speaker, for that matter), check out the full details at the promotion page.

New Product Additions to HTMarket.com

There’s a lot of new stuff worth checking out at HTmarket.com, the online home theater marketplace! As a lot of you have found out firsthand, their selection of home theater projectors and home theater lighting is pretty much unrivaled. Well, they’re upping the ante yet again with cool new items for your home theater from all over. For example, take a look at just a few of the new items:

The Deco Poster Frame is a straightforward, sharp-looking frame, perfect for movie posters (or any posters). With three finishes to choose from, it’s a great fit for absolutely any home theater décor (or any room where you’d like to hang a poster in a stylish movie poster frame!).

The Custom Spotlight Laser Cut Theatrical Sconce (whew!) is a steel, gloss black-finished sconce which is engraved with the message of your choice. It could say “Wayne Family Theater,” “Bruce’s Home Theater,” or even “BEWARE OF LEOPARD”. The message is laser-cut through the steel, so the light shines right through! These sconces will make your theater truly one of a kind. Especially if you go with the leopard idea.

Speaking of cutting things with lasers, they’ve also got Theatrical Laser Cut Home Theater Décor. Designs include movie tickets, clapboards, comedy/tragedy masks, popcorn, variously sized stars and, of course, a classic movie projector shape. They’re available in seven colorful finishes, too.

Whether you’re just setting up a home theater or simply spicing up your existing home theater, you should really head to HTmarket and check out all the new items, as they were designed specifically with home theaters in mind!