My Design Seats is now carrying My Design Home Theater Seating. That’s no small thing, as My Design makes some of the best custom home theater seating in the business. They’ve been around since 1956, back when the only way to get a home theater was to buy the main street cinema, so they know their stuff!

The My Design seats use the T-Max home theater seating system, designed to accommodate any room size or shape, and there’s 16 (!) styles to choose from. The My Design seats have manual or power recline, three different cupholder materials (including stainless steel), and they’re buttkicker-ready.

The best part, in my opinion, is the C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material) covering option. You can have them build these seats using fabric you provide! Obviously, this is intended to give you the opportunity to create an absolutely perfect and customized set of seats to compliment the decor in your home theater. When I first heard of it, though, I instantly thought of tiger-print luxury recliners. I wonder what the most unusual material they’ve ever been sent is…

As if that weren’t enough, their warrantees are outstanding. On leather, there’s a 5-year warrantee on splitting and natural scars, as well as cracking, tackiness, peeling, tearing and premature fading. On fabric, there’s a 1-year warrantee on seam failure, fabric separation and nap loss. And on the frame, springs, and mechanisms, there’s a limited lifetime warrantee, with a 2-year warrantee on motor mechanisms. Whew.

If you want custom home theater seats made your way, these My Design seats are definitely the way to go, I think. The C.O.M. option is outstanding on its own, to say nothing of the quality, the warrantees or the designs themselves! Head to and check out the Annular series, and tell me if those aren’t some cool looking home theater seats.