Massively Multiplayer… Golf?

I’ve been thinking a bit about Golden Tee 2008 Live lately, and I think it’s only a matter of time before most, if not all, arcade games are online and either directly multiplayer or tournament-based. Once you’ve tasted the vitality of online games, Golden Tee has proven to be a smash hit, apparently- it’s still going strong in bars all over the place, there’s a new edition and continuous tournaments for cash. As it happens, they’ve also branched out into Target Toss Bags, which is an online beanbag-tossing arcade game, as well as Silver Strike Bowling.

I’m kinda so-so about golf personally, and bean bags are cool and all, but Online Arcade Bowling? With that giant trackball and everything? I had no idea this was out there (guess I’ve been going to the wrong bars!). It is, and apparently it’s a hit as well. There’s a Silver Strike 2009 coming out toward the end of the month and it’s gonna be something; I’ll maybe find a unit and give it a proper review when it’s released. And maybe I’ll enter the tournament, too… I’m a pretty good bowler, so maybe some of that pin-smashing mojo will translate over to trackball form. carries a variety of custom arcade cabinets with LCD screens like GT2008, Target Toss, Silver Strike, and a compilation arcade machine called Global Arcade Classics (with such classics as Marble Madness, Joust, Mortal Kombat and my ol’ friend Robotron: 2084). These cabinets are built with a unique, stable method, and they use parts which allow the end user to repair the cabinet and replace parts if needed. Probably a good thing if you don’t live next door to an amusement device repair shop.

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A little about myself, and about this blog:

I work in the IT department for an online home theater store. Since I’ve started working here I’ve been familiarizing myself with the stuff we deal in here; mainly home theater equipment and supplies, bar furniture, and billiards room stuff. A lot of this stuff is new to me; I had no idea people bought actual popcorn machines for their own homes, or that there were professional pool cues out there as elaborately and painstakingly designed as any pro sports shoe.

Along the way I’m learning things I’d never given much thought. There was a time when I couldn’t tell you what the standard movie theater aspect ratio was (it’s 1.85:1), or what Carom was (it’s like hardcore billiards, with just three balls), or that there was actually a sno-cone syrup flavor called “tiger’s blood” (I’m serious- apparently it tastes like strawberry and coconut, and not… well, cat blood).

Naturally, as someone whose product awareness never went far beyond computer parts, art supplies and frozen pizzas, I think a lot of this home theater stuff is pretty cool. In this blog, then, I’m going to talk about whatever cool stuff I’ve found in the distributor catalogs lying around,  new products or gadgets I’ve come across, things I’ve learned about the tech end of it all, or just what I plan to do to my own home theater once I’ve got a house worth sticking one in. So if you’re putting together a home theater or just like to daydream about it, by all means, bookmark this blog and see where I go with it!