Hiding Audiophile Acoustics In a Southern California Modern Home Theater


We’ve all seen AV rooms with gear jammed into racks with cables everywhere and acoustical treatments placed in ways that only a recording engineer could love. This is the makings of a divorce more than its the basis of great audio or home theater experience.

Publisher, Jerry Del Colliano of HomeTheaterReview.com (http://hometheaterreview.com/) took a different approach with his dedicated home theater system. While packing equipment neatly organized in a Middle Atlantic AXIS rack and connected with Transparent Audio cables – Del Colliano’s room also slickly hides 48 RPG “BAD panels” and 2 RPG Modex bass absorption plates behind a “whisper wall” fabric wall system. This stadium seat theater packs a 7.1 sound system, Classe electronics and a new set of Paradigm S8 speakers but also is professionally tuned by acoustician, Bob Hodas.

Many lessons can be learned from the HomeTheaterReview.com theater including how to keep a double rack cool with incoming cool air and exhaust fans. The effect of video calibration on the JVC RDS-2 projector by Kevin Miller of the ISF is also of note as many home theater enthusiasts can benefit from a modest video calibration for their projection system.

To learn more about this theater and or to read up on home theater educational articles (http://hometheaterreview.com/home-theater-education/) check out the resources that HomeTheaterReview.com has to offer for you. Everything from HDMI to Aspect Ratios to Home Theater Seating to Audiophile Topics are explained in professionally written prose.

Berkline Seat Giveaway contest on Facebook!

HTmarket.com, the Home Theater marketplace, is kicking off a Facebook contest: The HTmarket.com Berkline Seat Giveaway. On May 1st, one lucky Facebook fan will win an entire row of four Berkline 13174 Power Recline theater seats!

A lot of surprising people have joined Facebook lately. Presidents, housecats, and even my mother are all on Facebook now. Not to be outdone by mom, HTmarket.com has joined the party with an official Facebook page of their own!  The HTmarket.com Facebook page is off to an auspicious start. There’s already galleries of user-submitted photos from home theater owners, a rapidly growing community of home theater enthusiasts to meet and converse with, and exclusive deals and updates for HTmarket.com’s Facebook fans.

The really big news, however, is their first Facebook contest: the HTmarket.com Berkline Seat Giveaway. From now until April 30th, everyone who “likes” the HTmarket.com Facebook page is automatically entered into a drawing on May 1st. The prize? A row of four  theater seats with a value of $1899.99. That’s huge!

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Home Theater Carpet

When designing your home theater, it’s important to remember that a proper carpet really ties the room together. HTmarket.com carries a full line of home theater carpeting which is designed expressly for home theater use, and which features stylish and thematic patterns that invoke the feeling of stepping into your own personal cinema. What’s more, they’ve just added several new styles of home theater carpet, such as the classic Cinema Star, the luxurious Walk of Fame style, the cool Reel style (seen below), and my favorite, the fun and modern Searchlight style.
With so many styles of home theater carpet to choose from, with most available in several color variations, you’re sure to find a style of carpet that fits with your home theater… or a style worthy of designing your home theater around, for that matter!

The New Look of HTmarket.com

If you’ve been to HTmarket.com in the last few days, you’ve surely noticed the site looks completely different than it used to! Don’t worry-  it’s the very same company, with the same experienced people. All that’s changed is the website’s appearance and navigation, which has been redesigned to make it even easier and more convenient to shop for everything a home theater needs.

In addition to a new company logo and graphics, the new design features a drop-down navigation menu along the top of the front page, as well as a prominent search bar and a tabbed Best Sellers section, among other new features. You should also check out the top right corner of the page and peel it back for hot deals on home theater seating , projector screens , popcorn machines and more!

Head over to HTmarket.com the home theater superstore’s new look!

Autumn Woods Theater

We received the following photos from Paul, who recently used HTmarket.com to equip Autumn Woods Apartments in Indiana with a theater of its own! This is really cool. As you can see, it has true stadium seating, floor lighting and sconces, and a ceiling-mounted projector. Take a look:

The seating shown is Contour Rocker Home Theater Seating. These classic row seats are wood with black laminate, and have woven fabric covering (the color of the seating shown is Navy).


The projector is an Epson Powerlite 8500UB Projector , mounted using an OmniMount Large Universal Ceiling Projector Mount. You can see the popcorn machine in this shot; it’s an Art Deco Popcorn Machine with matching pedestal.


The 16:9 Projector Screen is a Dalite Da-Snap model with Pro Trim and Cinema Vision material.



Home Theater Accessories

Home Theater Accessories

Whether you’re planning a new home theater or looking for a simple way to spice up an existing one, adding a home theater accessory is a simple addition that can have a big effect. Of course, the right screen, seating and home theater system are all critical components of a successful home theater. However, some well-chosen home theater accessories can transform a room from a place where movies are viewed to a genuine home theater with personality and style.

For example, home theater lighting is always a dramatic addition. While there are several styles of lamps and ceiling lights which are ideally suited to thematic home theater decor, you may wish to consider a type of lighting more suited to theaters in particular, such as LED rope lights or wall sconces. These will definitely get a reaction from guests, and will go a long way to making the room feel like a night out at the cinema.

Choosing a home theater carpet is another simple step you can take to completely transform the look and feel of a home theater. It’s easy to overlook when planning a home theater, but the right carpet can make a huge difference. HTmarket.com has a selection of made to order area and wall-to-wall carpets which were specifically designed for home theater use. Dedicated home theater carpet often features theatrical designs and colors, as well as a durability and pile that creates a world-class cinema feel at home.

Lastly, personal touches of theater decor should never be overlooked. Consider adding a movie poster frame or two, either inside the theater or just outside the entrance. These are a movie theater standard, and you can always change the posters inside to easily change up the home theater’s look! There are a range of other accessories available to decorate a home theater with, from marquee signs to drapes.

In the end, which home theater accessories you choose will depend on your theater’s style, layout and scope. However, regardless of what style you’re going for, when you accessorize your theater, it truly becomes something special to experience.

Choosing a Popcorn Machine

If you’re considering a popcorn machine for your home theater, you’ve no doubt noticed that there’s a huge variety of popcorn poppers available. It’s important to choose the one that’s right for your needs. To make the best choice, you might find it useful to think about some of the following factors.

This is the most obvious factor when making any purchase, and popcorn poppers are no exception! It’s important to bear in mind that the least expensive machine may not be the machine that’s best for you. This device will be making popcorn for you and your guests for a long time, so it’s best to find a compromise between cost and quality, and make sure you don’t regret passing up a popper that’s a little better!

Kettle Size
You’ll notice that popcorn machines are available with a range of kettle sizes, from 4oz machines all the way up to 16oz. This is the amount of unpopped popcorn kernels the kettle can pop in one go. 1oz of unpopped popcorn makes roughly 2.5 cups of popped popcorn, so a 4oz kettle will make 10 cups per batch, and a 16oz kettle will make 40 cups! A 4oz or 6oz kettle is ideal for many home theater owners. If you’re going to be making popcorn for a large family or a business, however, you may wish to consider a popper with one of the larger kettles.

Popcorn poppers come with a variety of features, which may or may not be something you want in a popper. Some have their own lighting, and many feature doors, carts, or cabinets for oil and other popcorn supplies . A warming deck can keep popcorn warm until it’s ready to be enjoyed, which is a good thing when you’re hosting events. Kernel drawers, anodized non-stick kettles, push-button oil dispensers and popcorn supply storage are just a few of the many useful features to consider.

Last but certainly not least, poppers come in a wide variety of designs. Whether your home theater has a classic or contemporary feel, there’s a popcorn popper that fits your decor perfectly. Your popcorn machine will be a very visible part of the room, so consider how its colors and design will fit in. Style matters!

Home Theater Projector Screens

A large TV is nice, but if you want the best home theater experience possible, a projector screen is the way to go for the biggest, most impressive picture possible. It’s the way to go to have the greatest home theater in town.

HTmarket.com offers projector screens from the best in the business, made from the highest quality screen materials available. There’s many materials, sizes and models to choose from. If you’re looking for a high-gain material, consider a Dalite Screen with a High Power screen material. Need a projection screen for HD movies? Stewart’s FireHawk G3 screen fabric was designed with 1080p projection in mind. And every Elite Screen comes with a 2-year warranty, along with everything you need to install and operate your screen. There’s a lot of screens and options to choose from, so if you need any help finding the ideal screen for your needs and budget, you can contact the HTmarket.com team for expert advice.

Whichever screen make or model you choose, you can be sure that HTmarket has the screen you need at the best price. Be sure to check out the daily promotions for great offers on any Elite or Stewart Screen, as well.

Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

Perhaps you’ve got the right screen, seating and sound… but your home theater is still missing something. It’s the sound, smell and taste of freshly popped, theater-style popcorn!  A popcorn popper is an excellent way to complete that theater feel at home, to delight your family and impress your guests. 

Adding a popcorn popper brings authenticity, charm, and- most of all- fun to any home theater.  HTmarket.com has a popcorn machine that’s just right for your home theater, with a huge variety of styles and kettle sizes. They also have a great popcorn supply selection (such as butter, buckets, and oil), as you’ll need popcorn supplies to keep your movie theater popcorn popping!

Finding The Right Bar Stools

Nothing makes a home bar or kitchen like the right bar stool. HTmarket.com has just the style among their hundreds of high-quality stools. With a selection ranging from wood bar stools to metal bar stools, the wide range of materials, colors and styles means they’re certain to have the exact bar stool to fit your tastes, style and budget.

If you’re looking to get stools for your home bar, check out the tall bar stools, which range from 34″-36″ in height and are designed for use with a bar-height surface. For kitchens or tables, you should consider counter height or table height bar stools, which generally range from 24″ to 30″ in height. HTmarket.com also has custom height bar stools, adjustable height bar stools, and swivel bar stools for you to consider, to ensure the ideal stool for comfort, style and usability.

With a selection from the best stool manufacturers in the world, including Amisco bar stools, Hillsdale bar stools , Pastel bar stools , Holland Bar Stools and Trica bar stools, as well as wine racks, pub tables and a host of other items and accessories, HTmarket.com has everything you could need to make your bar, kitchen or lounge perfect for you- and your guests.