The Great Home Theater Review Contest

There’s a new contest running at, the Home Theater Marketplace. Here’s how to enter:

Grand Prize: You’ll automatically be entered in adrawing for the grand prize by posting one review. Two names will bedrawn. Each person will receive 1 of two Berkline 090 power recline home theater seats, with Buttkickers!

There are also 10 other prizes that are based on who theTop 10 Reviewers on are. The Top 10 Reviewers are decided by whohas reviewed the most products. If you upload your own photo of theproduct, the review counts double. The review must be approved by the HTmarket team. Reviews are counted by reviewing different products, so pleasedo not review the same product twice, as this will not count. Top 10 prizes include an Epson 6100 Home Theater Projector, a Personalized DVD Intro, and a Radius Poster Frame, to name a few.

The Great Home Theater Review Contest is currently running, and ends November 9th. Head over to to enter!