Get Lit Up At with Movie Poster Frames has some great lights to add to your theater including back lit marquees and marquees that you can change letters. We also have battery operated lighted cupholders you can put in theater seats.  Check them out here on our videos.

Movie Poster Frame with Lights

Theater Marquee with Letters

Movie Poster Case with Halo Light Effects

Movie Poster Case with Back Lighting

Lighted Cupholders

So if you want to get your theater lit up, give a call at 888-764-9273.

Introducing Professor HT Theater Demo of the Quick Snap Frame

Professor HT Theater is resident product tester at  He earned a Masters Degree in Home Theater at the University of Home Theater.  Wow he really knows home theater.  All kidding aside you will get a great view of how a Quick Snap Movie Poster Frame really works.

Check out the demo and you’ll see that Quick Snap Frames are a great alternative to decorate your theater.

You can check out all our movie poster frames at

Autumn Woods Theater

We received the following photos from Paul, who recently used to equip Autumn Woods Apartments in Indiana with a theater of its own! This is really cool. As you can see, it has true stadium seating, floor lighting and sconces, and a ceiling-mounted projector. Take a look:

The seating shown is Contour Rocker Home Theater Seating. These classic row seats are wood with black laminate, and have woven fabric covering (the color of the seating shown is Navy).


The projector is an Epson Powerlite 8500UB Projector , mounted using an OmniMount Large Universal Ceiling Projector Mount. You can see the popcorn machine in this shot; it’s an Art Deco Popcorn Machine with matching pedestal.


The 16:9 Projector Screen is a Dalite Da-Snap model with Pro Trim and Cinema Vision material.



Home Theater Accessories

Home Theater Accessories

Whether you’re planning a new home theater or looking for a simple way to spice up an existing one, adding a home theater accessory is a simple addition that can have a big effect. Of course, the right screen, seating and home theater system are all critical components of a successful home theater. However, some well-chosen home theater accessories can transform a room from a place where movies are viewed to a genuine home theater with personality and style.

For example, home theater lighting is always a dramatic addition. While there are several styles of lamps and ceiling lights which are ideally suited to thematic home theater decor, you may wish to consider a type of lighting more suited to theaters in particular, such as LED rope lights or wall sconces. These will definitely get a reaction from guests, and will go a long way to making the room feel like a night out at the cinema.

Choosing a home theater carpet is another simple step you can take to completely transform the look and feel of a home theater. It’s easy to overlook when planning a home theater, but the right carpet can make a huge difference. has a selection of made to order area and wall-to-wall carpets which were specifically designed for home theater use. Dedicated home theater carpet often features theatrical designs and colors, as well as a durability and pile that creates a world-class cinema feel at home.

Lastly, personal touches of theater decor should never be overlooked. Consider adding a movie poster frame or two, either inside the theater or just outside the entrance. These are a movie theater standard, and you can always change the posters inside to easily change up the home theater’s look! There are a range of other accessories available to decorate a home theater with, from marquee signs to drapes.

In the end, which home theater accessories you choose will depend on your theater’s style, layout and scope. However, regardless of what style you’re going for, when you accessorize your theater, it truly becomes something special to experience.

New Product Additions to

There’s a lot of new stuff worth checking out at, the online home theater marketplace! As a lot of you have found out firsthand, their selection of home theater projectors and home theater lighting is pretty much unrivaled. Well, they’re upping the ante yet again with cool new items for your home theater from all over. For example, take a look at just a few of the new items:

The Deco Poster Frame is a straightforward, sharp-looking frame, perfect for movie posters (or any posters). With three finishes to choose from, it’s a great fit for absolutely any home theater décor (or any room where you’d like to hang a poster in a stylish movie poster frame!).

The Custom Spotlight Laser Cut Theatrical Sconce (whew!) is a steel, gloss black-finished sconce which is engraved with the message of your choice. It could say “Wayne Family Theater,” “Bruce’s Home Theater,” or even “BEWARE OF LEOPARD”. The message is laser-cut through the steel, so the light shines right through! These sconces will make your theater truly one of a kind. Especially if you go with the leopard idea.

Speaking of cutting things with lasers, they’ve also got Theatrical Laser Cut Home Theater Décor. Designs include movie tickets, clapboards, comedy/tragedy masks, popcorn, variously sized stars and, of course, a classic movie projector shape. They’re available in seven colorful finishes, too.

Whether you’re just setting up a home theater or simply spicing up your existing home theater, you should really head to HTmarket and check out all the new items, as they were designed specifically with home theaters in mind!