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Hottest Popcorn Machines Out There offers the hottest popcorn machines on the market.  We show you some here in these cool videos by Professor HT Theater.

Popcorn Supplies, What’s the best for my use? carries a variety of popcorn supplies.  We often get asked what’s the best container for my usage or popcorn machine.  We can help you via these insightful videos. has the scoop boxes.

We have the butter bags.

We have popcorn tubs

We then have popcorn scoops for scooping the popcorn out.

In general, you can decide based on how many people you need to serve, are you going to use butter in the popcorn and how much popcorn per serving do you want.

Get your popcorn supplies at  We make it easy and fun.

Popcorn Machine Olympics

On your mark get set go.  We time the fastest popcorn machines for the Popcorn Olympics.  You can watch the videos to find out the fastest time on a popcorn kettle.

Street Vendor Popcorn Machine shown below. Pop Cycle Time: 4:45.4

Theater Popcorn Machine Pop Cycle Time: 3:50.1

Art Deco Popcorn Machine Pop Cycle Time: 5:01.1

Home Theater Popcorn Machine Pop Cycle Time: 4:44.0

Watch the Olympics of Popcorn Machines, you can also check them out at home theater popcorn machines

Autumn Woods Theater

We received the following photos from Paul, who recently used to equip Autumn Woods Apartments in Indiana with a theater of its own! This is really cool. As you can see, it has true stadium seating, floor lighting and sconces, and a ceiling-mounted projector. Take a look:

The seating shown is Contour Rocker Home Theater Seating. These classic row seats are wood with black laminate, and have woven fabric covering (the color of the seating shown is Navy).


The projector is an Epson Powerlite 8500UB Projector , mounted using an OmniMount Large Universal Ceiling Projector Mount. You can see the popcorn machine in this shot; it’s an Art Deco Popcorn Machine with matching pedestal.


The 16:9 Projector Screen is a Dalite Da-Snap model with Pro Trim and Cinema Vision material.



Choosing a Popcorn Machine

If you’re considering a popcorn machine for your home theater, you’ve no doubt noticed that there’s a huge variety of popcorn poppers available. It’s important to choose the one that’s right for your needs. To make the best choice, you might find it useful to think about some of the following factors.

This is the most obvious factor when making any purchase, and popcorn poppers are no exception! It’s important to bear in mind that the least expensive machine may not be the machine that’s best for you. This device will be making popcorn for you and your guests for a long time, so it’s best to find a compromise between cost and quality, and make sure you don’t regret passing up a popper that’s a little better!

Kettle Size
You’ll notice that popcorn machines are available with a range of kettle sizes, from 4oz machines all the way up to 16oz. This is the amount of unpopped popcorn kernels the kettle can pop in one go. 1oz of unpopped popcorn makes roughly 2.5 cups of popped popcorn, so a 4oz kettle will make 10 cups per batch, and a 16oz kettle will make 40 cups! A 4oz or 6oz kettle is ideal for many home theater owners. If you’re going to be making popcorn for a large family or a business, however, you may wish to consider a popper with one of the larger kettles.

Popcorn poppers come with a variety of features, which may or may not be something you want in a popper. Some have their own lighting, and many feature doors, carts, or cabinets for oil and other popcorn supplies . A warming deck can keep popcorn warm until it’s ready to be enjoyed, which is a good thing when you’re hosting events. Kernel drawers, anodized non-stick kettles, push-button oil dispensers and popcorn supply storage are just a few of the many useful features to consider.

Last but certainly not least, poppers come in a wide variety of designs. Whether your home theater has a classic or contemporary feel, there’s a popcorn popper that fits your decor perfectly. Your popcorn machine will be a very visible part of the room, so consider how its colors and design will fit in. Style matters!

I want a popcorn machine!

I was looking at popcorn machines over at, and it got me thinking… I could really use one of these. I daresay I need one.

When I was a younger guy, I worked in a four-screen movie theater called the Glen Theater, as an usher and concessions booth worker. And lemme tell ya, was pretty much the best job a 16-year-old guy could have. The work was easy, and came in very short, very intense bursts, punctuated by hours of playing cards and talking about movies. We were allowed to see free movies anytime we liked, with no limit. We got free popcorn and soda, and the occasional bag of candy. I also had a crush on half the girls who worked there…

Anyway, Thoreau had his Walden, Lyra had her Oxford, I had the Glen. Everything about it was perfect, even the imperfect parts.

A big part of the job was keeping the popcorn machine running. It was an 8 oz. kettle machine, with an automatic oil pump. It was truly ancient- probably older than I am. Nevertheless, it worked flawlessly.

That smell was everywhere. It was completely and permanently infused into my work shirt- I only had one, after all, and I worked almost every day- and no amount of washing could cause the shirt to lose that characteristic popcorn essence. Not that I ever wanted it to, of course; I could be anywhere, and as long as I smelled that popcorn smell, I was in a good mood. Pavlov would be proud. Remarkably, over a decade later, it still works that way! I can’t imagine walking into a theater without smelling fresh, kettle-popped popcorn, and the minute I step through the doors, any theater feels like home.

Microwave popcorn is nowhere close, in my opinion. I’ve mentioned that I’m going to have a home theater of my own someday, and I still intend to do so. When I do, mark my words: it will not be complete until I have a real popcorn machine, popping away, filling my brain with memories via those marvelous popcorn sounds and smells.