How to Choose the Correct Projector Screen?

Home theater buyers have a tough task when choosing the proper projector but they have tougher and more important decision to choose the proper projector screen.  The home theater screen decision has many branches in the decision tree.  To make the correct decision you will first have to ask a couple questions of yourself before deciding on what screen to buy.  These questions are the following.

What types of media do I watch the most of TV or Movies?

How far do I plan on sitting from the screen?

Where will I put the front speakers in the set up?

Can I control light?

Will I be watching media with the lights on?

What projector am I using?

What’s my budget?

What type of room? Is it dedicated or dual use?

These are the key questions to consider.

If you plan on watch HDTV more than movies you should plan on getting a 16:9 screen  which is the native aspect ratio of most projectors for home theater.  If you are a movie buff than you might consider a 2:35 to 1 screen (this screen is very long rectangle) which is aspect ratio of most blu ray discs.  If you go with 2:35 to 1 screen you’ll need a projector that can handle the different aspect ratios by maintaining a constant height on the screen.



The seating area distance from the screen is the key question on choosing what size screen you can put in your room.  Most people are most comfortable viewing images from about 1.5 to 2 times the screen width. At the biggest issue we see if with people choosing their size screen is they have a tendency to choose too big of a screen for the size room they have.

Most home theater rooms allow for the buyer to place speakers below and to the sides of a screen this enables you to choose a screen for the best video versus speaker placement. If you have to place speakers behind the screen you will need to choose an acoustic screen that allows this to happen but image quality can suffer as a result.

If your room is going to be dark 90% of the time without light you can go with a 1.0 gain screen.  If you prefer to add brightness to the screen you will want to look for theater screens that offer more gain.  A 1.3 gain screen will allow you to have up to 30% more brightness on the screen.  HTmarket offers movie projector screens with these characteristics.

The projector you buy also factors in your screen decision.  Is the projector bright? does it have adequate contrast?  The budget you decide on to allocate for the screen will factor in your decision process on what you can afford.

Last but not least, is your room dedicated to home theater in this case you will want to look for a fixed projector screen.  If it’s dual use you may consider an electric projector screen that retracts into the ceiling that requires electricity.  The great thing about choosing a screen is that you can customize what you need to your room. offers 100’s of screen sizes and selections to choose from popular brands like Stewart, Elite, Dalite, Grandview and Draper.

If you need help be sure to visit our web site and call us. We know projector screens real well and we can help you decide the best course of action.

JVC Releases New 3D Projectors

JVC just released brand new 3d projectors for the home.   Many improvements over last years models.

Some of the improvements over last years models are higher contrast ratios and brighter bulbs.  One really cool feature is the ability for lens presets in 2:35 to 1, 16:9 and 4:3 this lets the home theater user install a 2:35 to 1 screen without the need for an extra lens.  The lens preset keeps a constant height on the screen.

Here is the line up. JVC uses LCOS technology which shoots out a very smooth image.

JVC DLA-RS45U List Price $3,494.99

The below models are 4K Eshift technology.  This basically is 4k resolution a huge upgrade over last year.

JVC DLA-RS55u List Price $7,995.99

JVC DLA-RS65U List Price $11,995.99

Call for details on pricing.  We have successfully packaged these projectors with Stewart Screens to bring out the best in this technology.

Pictured below is the Elite 3D Home Theater Package by this package features either Optoma 3300 or JVC RS45U and includes choice of Dalite Cinema Contour Screen or Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall.  Price starts at 3189.99.


We think the best bang for you buck is the JVC RS55U paired with the Luxus Deluxe Screenwall with 2:35 to 1 Aspect Ratio.  We have projector ceiling mounts and many other extras like Audioquest cables to help you put together a dream home theater.  We have experts waiting on the phone to help you complete your theater just in time for the Superbowl.

Hiding Audiophile Acoustics In a Southern California Modern Home Theater


We’ve all seen AV rooms with gear jammed into racks with cables everywhere and acoustical treatments placed in ways that only a recording engineer could love. This is the makings of a divorce more than its the basis of great audio or home theater experience.

Publisher, Jerry Del Colliano of ( took a different approach with his dedicated home theater system. While packing equipment neatly organized in a Middle Atlantic AXIS rack and connected with Transparent Audio cables – Del Colliano’s room also slickly hides 48 RPG “BAD panels” and 2 RPG Modex bass absorption plates behind a “whisper wall” fabric wall system. This stadium seat theater packs a 7.1 sound system, Classe electronics and a new set of Paradigm S8 speakers but also is professionally tuned by acoustician, Bob Hodas.

Many lessons can be learned from the theater including how to keep a double rack cool with incoming cool air and exhaust fans. The effect of video calibration on the JVC RDS-2 projector by Kevin Miller of the ISF is also of note as many home theater enthusiasts can benefit from a modest video calibration for their projection system.

To learn more about this theater and or to read up on home theater educational articles ( check out the resources that has to offer for you. Everything from HDMI to Aspect Ratios to Home Theater Seating to Audiophile Topics are explained in professionally written prose.

Home Theater Projector Screens

A large TV is nice, but if you want the best home theater experience possible, a projector screen is the way to go for the biggest, most impressive picture possible. It’s the way to go to have the greatest home theater in town. offers projector screens from the best in the business, made from the highest quality screen materials available. There’s many materials, sizes and models to choose from. If you’re looking for a high-gain material, consider a Dalite Screen with a High Power screen material. Need a projection screen for HD movies? Stewart’s FireHawk G3 screen fabric was designed with 1080p projection in mind. And every Elite Screen comes with a 2-year warranty, along with everything you need to install and operate your screen. There’s a lot of screens and options to choose from, so if you need any help finding the ideal screen for your needs and budget, you can contact the team for expert advice.

Whichever screen make or model you choose, you can be sure that HTmarket has the screen you need at the best price. Be sure to check out the daily promotions for great offers on any Elite or Stewart Screen, as well.