Berkline Seat Giveaway contest on Facebook!, the Home Theater marketplace, is kicking off a Facebook contest: The Berkline Seat Giveaway. On May 1st, one lucky Facebook fan will win an entire row of four Berkline 13174 Power Recline theater seats!

A lot of surprising people have joined Facebook lately. Presidents, housecats, and even my mother are all on Facebook now. Not to be outdone by mom, has joined the party with an official Facebook page of their own!  The Facebook page is off to an auspicious start. There’s already galleries of user-submitted photos from home theater owners, a rapidly growing community of home theater enthusiasts to meet and converse with, and exclusive deals and updates for’s Facebook fans.

The really big news, however, is their first Facebook contest: the Berkline Seat Giveaway. From now until April 30th, everyone who “likes” the Facebook page is automatically entered into a drawing on May 1st. The prize? A row of four  theater seats with a value of $1899.99. That’s huge!

Visit on Facebook and check out the contest. Once you like the page, you’re entered- that’s all you have to do for your chance to win a row of Berkline seats. Good luck!

Home Theater Carpet

When designing your home theater, it’s important to remember that a proper carpet really ties the room together. carries a full line of home theater carpeting which is designed expressly for home theater use, and which features stylish and thematic patterns that invoke the feeling of stepping into your own personal cinema. What’s more, they’ve just added several new styles of home theater carpet, such as the classic Cinema Star, the luxurious Walk of Fame style, the cool Reel style (seen below), and my favorite, the fun and modern Searchlight style.
With so many styles of home theater carpet to choose from, with most available in several color variations, you’re sure to find a style of carpet that fits with your home theater… or a style worthy of designing your home theater around, for that matter!

The New Look of

If you’ve been to in the last few days, you’ve surely noticed the site looks completely different than it used to! Don’t worry-  it’s the very same company, with the same experienced people. All that’s changed is the website’s appearance and navigation, which has been redesigned to make it even easier and more convenient to shop for everything a home theater needs.

In addition to a new company logo and graphics, the new design features a drop-down navigation menu along the top of the front page, as well as a prominent search bar and a tabbed Best Sellers section, among other new features. You should also check out the top right corner of the page and peel it back for hot deals on home theater seating , projector screens , popcorn machines and more!

Head over to the home theater superstore’s new look!

New TV Stands at

New TV stands have arrived at! We’ve added several new television stands to our catalog, making this the perfect time to update your home theater, media room, living room or den. These stands support televisions up to 65″, and many sport features such as integrated Cable Management Systems, tempered glass, flat panel mounting and component ventilation.

Each television stand brings its own style to compliment your room, ranging from classic mahogany to contemporary steel. But don’t settle for a mere description- these high-end items have to be seen to be truly appreciated. Go on and take a look; the perfect TV stand is waiting at!

Message from Owner

Hi, My name is Alan Hutchinson, Owner and President of the home theater marketplace.  I founded in the year 2000 and my vision was to create an all encompassing web site that had everything someone would need to create and design a home theater

I had personally designed my first theater in 1997 using internet web sites like ebay and others to put together a home theater.  It was a painstaking endeavor as many of the vendors I worked with did not even know what a home theater is much less did they know how to provide advice on the products I needed.  I did all the research on my own and it took hours upon hours. My first theater featured a used barco projector that weighed about 250lbs and took two people to lift.  The product took about 6 hours to converge tiny little lines on top of each other with no user guide.  The products have come along way for home theater…. today companies like Epson design home theater projectors that weigh less than 20lbs and their projectors are plug and play.

My goal was to develop a web site that would allow people like myself an easy way to find answers and products that could make a home theater dream a reality.  The other reality is in today’s times people don’t have extra time to shop, design and tinker around with things.  I developed to be a convenient one stop shop and a good place to call for advice on how to do things right the first time.

Now 8 years later as look back and I look at what I had envisioned I can say with out a doubt that me and my team at have created an all encompassing web site for home theater.  The site did not just pop up overnight it took about 8 years to say we have everything that is home theater.  We have 7000 pages on our web site.    My vision for the next 8 years is to help more people make home theater dreams become realities.  The reality is that very few people have a true “home movie theater” in their home. They may have a plasma tv or an lcd tv but they really don’t have a movie theater like experience set up yet, so in essence we have just scratched the surface.  The trend is going towards the bigger screen sizes.  We see projector screens being ordered in larger sizes now than ever before.  It used to be 92 inch diagonal projection screen was the norm now I would say 110″ is normal.

The great thing about building a home theater in your home that all members of the family utilize it from your children to you.  In years past, people would build game rooms with ping pong and pool tables now we see home owners build a home theater first and than possibly add a game room later.  The main reason is that home owners use their home theaters more often so it’s a better investment of time and money.

The great thing about home theater is that it’s totally customizable from choosing home theater seating to choosing your own home theater decor like the color and style of your movie poster frames and the size of your popcorn machine.  We believe home theater is not just about the speakers and the home theater system but it’s about the home theater accessories.  Take a tour of the some the home theater photos on our web site.

We welcome your suggestions and your phone calls.  At we can help you design your whole home theater for free. We have helped design 1000’s of theaters.  We won’t sell you on products but we will provide a home theater solution for you that fits your budget, your room and your taste.  Give us a call or email us you won’t be disappointed.

New Product Additions to

There’s a lot of new stuff worth checking out at, the online home theater marketplace! As a lot of you have found out firsthand, their selection of home theater projectors and home theater lighting is pretty much unrivaled. Well, they’re upping the ante yet again with cool new items for your home theater from all over. For example, take a look at just a few of the new items:

The Deco Poster Frame is a straightforward, sharp-looking frame, perfect for movie posters (or any posters). With three finishes to choose from, it’s a great fit for absolutely any home theater décor (or any room where you’d like to hang a poster in a stylish movie poster frame!).

The Custom Spotlight Laser Cut Theatrical Sconce (whew!) is a steel, gloss black-finished sconce which is engraved with the message of your choice. It could say “Wayne Family Theater,” “Bruce’s Home Theater,” or even “BEWARE OF LEOPARD”. The message is laser-cut through the steel, so the light shines right through! These sconces will make your theater truly one of a kind. Especially if you go with the leopard idea.

Speaking of cutting things with lasers, they’ve also got Theatrical Laser Cut Home Theater Décor. Designs include movie tickets, clapboards, comedy/tragedy masks, popcorn, variously sized stars and, of course, a classic movie projector shape. They’re available in seven colorful finishes, too.

Whether you’re just setting up a home theater or simply spicing up your existing home theater, you should really head to HTmarket and check out all the new items, as they were designed specifically with home theaters in mind!