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Palliser Theater Seating Styles Hot Stuff

Great new styles from Palliser shown by over on our you tube channel home theater tv.

Palliser Furniture at feature Palliser Brand Furniture.  We recently shot a video of the Palliser Furniture showroom in High Point and Las Vegas.  I have included the video of the Palliser showroom and some popular styles of seating for them.

Home Theater Furniture

If you need home theater furniture or sectional style furniture with sofas and reclining seats offers some of the best brands in the industry including Palliser Furniture, Lane Furniture and Jaymar Furniture.  We have been out and about with our HD video camera and we visited Palliser, Jaymar and Lane in High Point and Las Vegas so you don’t have to go furniture shopping.  We show you the highlights of each showroom in about 7 to 9 minutes in each video.  You can check out the videos below.

Palliser Furniture Showroom Tour and Video Below:

Lane Furniture Showroom Tour and Video Below:

Jaymar Furniture Showroom Tour and Video here:

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Palliser Introduces New Home Theater Seating

I just got back from Las Vegas Furniture Show and I must say I was blown away by Palliser’s new introductions of home theater seating.  I was most impressed by the Autobahn which is similar to a 1966 Camaro seat with the ribbed back style.  I personally sat in all of them and this was the most comfortable.  They have added many more options including I-pad holder and tray tables in many styles.  You can also get a battery pack which allows you to use power recline in the middle of the room without a power outlet.

I shot and edited videos of the products and we have uploaded them to You Tube and our web site.

The Palliser Home Theater Seating Autobahn video is here.

The Palliser Lemans video is below.  This is named after the famous 24 hours of Le Mans car race.  Paul Newman the great actor actually finished 2nd in this race in 1979 in a Porche 925.

Last but not least, they introduced the Palliser Indianapolis.  Yup, you guessed it named after the Indianapolis 500.  We think these three introductions make a great addition to the already strong palliser line up of theater seating.

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New Theater Seating Players Pick Up Where Berkline Left Off

The largest theater seating manufacturer Berkline Corporation shut it’s doors last May 2011.  In it’s wake it left a huge void in the theater seating business.  Berkline commanded well over 50% share of the market.  Berkline left customers and dealers holding the bag so to speak.  Many orders were canceled and customers could not get good warranty service.  We at were able to move many of our orders to Palliser in the short term to satisfy customers.

These problems have mostly been alleviated as many new manufacturers have come on board with new product introductions and some old manufacturers stepped in with new product releases and innovative products.  The best time to be in the market for theater seating is right now as there are a huge variety of products on the market at various price points.  I will review what new lines have been introduced and new features you’ll see in many of these products.

The theater seating business is divided into two distinct categories.  One category is called the quick ship theater seating and the other the special order theater seating

Quick Ship Theater Seating is pretty much what it says.  Theater seating that is stocked by dealers and manufacturers in warehouses across the USA for immediate shipment.  Most often it is stocked in black leather or brown leather with some exceptions.  Most stocking dealers have choices like power recline and manual seating. stocks the Palliser, Barcalounger, Coaster, Lane, and Row One under it’s quick ship seating section. In this area price points range from $499 per seat up to $799 per seat depending on the options chosen and the cover on the product.  We offer a very large selection of styles and seats and it’s getting bigger everyday out of our warehouses. Quick ship seating may be fast but it does have a limited selection.

Seen below is the Palliser Antica Theater Seating which is stocked by It can also be ordered custom with lighted cups and base in different colors.

Custom or Special Order Seating allows a customer to pick and choose leathers, styles and configurations.  This allows customers to get exactly what they want but they would need to wait for the order to be custom made in about 4 to 8 weeks depending on the manufacturer.  Many of the same manufacturers that make stock product offer custom order product.  Sometimes it’s the same products but more often than not it’s different products.  For instance Palliser offers about 5 products in the stock program but over 20 products in it’s special order program.  The main players in the custom order theater seating are Palliser Furniture, Row One, and Lane Furniture.

We offer home theater seating swatches on our web site to view and to order to help with selection of covers. Lane furniture offers many of it’s special orders styles as quick ships that are made in USA. 

Seen below is the Palliser Slade and Sensation Theater seats showing a set of 3 curved row in microfiber, lighted cups, base and power recline this is a special order style.

Features to look for in theater seating are the following.  Many of decision points for theater seats are dictated by room size and the most important measurement is width to determine what size row a theater will accommodate.  If your short on width then you will most likely end up choosing a straight row versus a curved row.  A curved row allows the end seats to point towards the viewing screen.  Your width measurement will dictate whether you go with straight or curved. 

One of the features we recommend at HTmarket is the power recline feature on home theater seats.  This allows for maximum comfort as you can place recline mechanism in any position you feel like.  The manual function on most recline is limited to a few placements.  So we recommend that you choose power recline however be sure to include outlets that are needed to handle the power on the seat.  If you order “power recline” each chair will come with a plug. 

More and more seats feature arm storage and some come with adaptable snack trays that can fit on the arm or store in the arm when not in use.  Many of the new product introductions have these features.  Palliser Seating and Row One theater seating will now offer as an option storage and trays in all there products this year for an extra charge. 

The other feature you see more often is lighted cupholders which was first developed by Berkline.  This feature is now become popular.  In Palliser and Row One seats you can order lighted cupholders and base rails as an option it’s usually about $100 per seat.  The other strong feature is the ability to add buttkickers in all seats.  This is a fun feature for those who want to feel the movie.

We mention just a few of the manufacturers here in this post.  We have heard of other companies coming in to offer new seating styles.  It looks to be a very exciting year in theater seating and at HTmarket we have been selling and delivering theater seats for over 11 years now.  We know home cinema seating.  

Berkline 13174 and 12000 Group Home Theater Seats

It’s well known that great home theater seating makes a great home theater. What you may not know is that when it comes to value and quality, the seats in the Berkline 12000 group and 13174 group give an unparalleled  bang for your buck,.

These seats provide the same great quality that’s made Berkline the standard in home theater seating, at a lower price than their special order seating groups. In fact, the Berkline 13174 Group is actually a replica of the Berkline 45090 style, the best-selling Berkline seat of all time! Just like Berkline special-order seats, the Berkline 12000 Group and Berkline 13174 Group feature high-quality genuine leather, amply sized cupholders, and manual or power Wall-a-Way recline.  It’s the same high Berkline quality at a much lower price.

The only difference is that they’re pre-built, which allows them to be offered for much less than other Berkline home theater seating.  Plus, because these seats are already made, the Berkline 13174 and 12000 seats can be delivered much more quickly than their made-to-order Berkline counterparts, typically shipping out in a matter of days rather than weeks. 

So if it’s time to select some home theater seats, consider the Berkline 13174 and 12000 groups, if you want excellent Berkline quality and style at a great price.

Top 10 Home Theater Add Ons presents the top ten home theater add ons which are great additions to existing theaters.

  1. Home Theater Seating: Replace old furniture to make your theater look more like cinema.
  2. Popcorn Machines: Smell and taste of popcorn is an inexpensive option to add sizzle to any theater.
  3. Posters and Frames: Authentic movie posters in changeable frames are a great way to add the theater elements to the home theater.
  4. Reels and Reel Clocks: A simple clock reel adds to the theater. Reel tables are a great way to show off real movie reels with glass tops by Goldberg Brothers.
  5. Acoustic Panels: Drastically improve appearance and sound quality at one time with acoustic panels.
  6. Signs and Marquees: Distinguish the entrance to your theater with chase lights.
  7. Velour Ropes and Posts: Low cost add on to add some class to your home theater.
  8. Velour Drapes: Great way to trim out screen and make it look more like a real theater.
  9. Personalized Items: DVD intro’s to personalized signs putting your name on your theater is a great way to bring it home. Make it your own theater with engraved personal items.
  10. Lighting, Wall Sconces and Stars: Adding star ceilings and other lighting helps set the right mood in the theater. You can add a complete star ceiling using fiber optic tiles. It looks like a far away galaxy in your theater room.

Berkline Quick Ship Home Theater Seats

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