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Exciting new videos on Jaymar Home Theater Sectionals

Jaymar furniture is known for its luxury and style, and these Jaymar Home Theater Sectionals are no exception. From the space saving curves of the Jaymar Expo, to the extra spacious seats of the Jaymar Vanda, these Home Theater Sectionals are sure to tickle the fancy of many discerning home theater enthusiasts.

Jaymar Vanda Home Cinema Sectional


Jaymar Sacha Home Cinema Seats


Jaymar Expo Curved Cinema Seats


Jaymar Calais Home Cinema Seating


New Footage of Jaymar’s Home Theater Recliners

This brand new footage of Jaymar’s Moragan, Walt, and 40333 Home Theater Recliners is worth getting excited over! Check out the videos below for details, features, and a look at these fantastic Jaymar Home Cinema Recliners! 

Jaymar Morgan Home Cinema Seats

Jaymar Walt Home Theater Recliners

Jaymar 40333 Luxury Home Theater Seating

Check out these great new videos of Jaymar Home Theater Seating accessories!

Always ahead of the game, Jaymar has introduced some cutting edge new home theater accessories. From LED lit cupholders with built in power recline control, to base rails and removable cupholders, there is sure to be the perfect Jaymar Home Cinema Accessory for your new home theater!

Jaymar Home Cinema Portable Armrest Cupholder

Jaymar Home Theater Seating Tray Table Option

Jaymar Home Theater Seating LED Cupholders

Jaymar Home Cinema LED Base Rail Option

Row One Theater Seating Videos

Home Theater TV and HTmarket.com shot some great video of the Plaza chair unboxed and demonstrated by Row One owner Robert Cribbs.

Row One Home Theater Seating

Row One Theater Seating

JVC Line Up 2012 Video

HTmarket.com had the opportunity to demo a JVC DLA-RS55u recently during that demo we filmed a comparison video of all the JVC projectors on how they work and the main differences in features and pricing.  We show the back of the RS55 unit including connectivity, how it mounts, how the 3d emitter works and we show the 3d glasses in detail.

You can check out the video here on this blog.  We also have it on You Tube at the link or our web site at the links below.

JVC 3D Projector Video You Tube

and JVC 3d Projectors

At HTmarket.com we are committed to providing useful information for our customers.

Great Gift Ideas from HTmarket.com!

Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? HTmarket.com, your home theater marketplace, has got your back! Check out these great gifts that are bound to please everyone on your “nice” list.

BoomChair Wi-FX Video Game Chair– There’s video game chairs, and then there’s the BoomChair Wi-FX. The “Wi” in Wi-FX means wireless, as in wireless connectivity! It also sports two 3″ two-way speakers and a 4″ subwoofer built right in, bringing the sounds of games, iPod or MP3 player music, or DVD movies to a whole new intensity. Throw in adjustable volume, bass, and treble, padded mesh comfort zones, and an adjustable headrest and you’re looking at one of the best video game chairs in the universe.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 6500ub Projector– Imagine the look on that special someone’s face when they unwrap this home theater projector. The Epson 6500ub is a powerful machine, built with the latest generation 3LCD optical engine and featuring a a 75,000:1 contrast ratio at up to 1600 lumens. It’s also ideal for viewing fast-action movies and TV shows, thanks to the High-Speed Auto Iris. These are new items shipping out next week, so order now and be the first to give one this year!

Berkline Tangiers Home Theater Seats– Watch the ball drop in comfort and style this New Years’ with a set of home theater seats from Berkline. These quick-ship home theater seats feature luxurious black leather, optional PowerRecline, generously sized cupholders and incredible comfort.

René Pierre Zinc Foosball Table– Every family gathering is better with Foosball! The Zinc Foosball Table by René Pierre has unbreakable players, two handle options, shock absorbers and a central ball return. It’s also one of the most stylish foosball tables you’ve ever seen- take a look!

Outdoor Décor– New on HTmarket.com, our selection of Outdoor Décor make great gifts for mom, dad, or anyone who wants to spruce up the garden, pool, or patio. There’s clocks, signs (from heartfelt to humorous), solar tiki lights and water fountains, just to name a few. With such a wide variety, you’re sure to find something that suits the recipient’s tastes!

Still stumped? Check out our Gift Certificates and Gift Ideas page for more great gift ideas!

HTmarket’s new personal shopper service

So you want to set up a home theater but you’re not
quite sure how to put it all together. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to
pick it all out yourself, or you simply want the benefit of someone else’s
experience weighing in. It looks like HTmarket.com, the online theater
marketplace, may be just what you need! They’re taking advantage of the fact
that they have a very knowledgable and experienced staff, and launching a new
Personal Web Shopper program for anyone to use, free of charge. It’s totally
unique, and very useful to the aspiring home theater

This new service is probably the best way yet to get a
tailor-made home theater that’s totally you, without the remorse of having
purchased the wrong items or being stuck with something you thought you would
need, but don’t. And with over ten thousand items in their catalog, you can bet
that the home theater you get will be pretty specific to your wants and

Basically, you give HTmarket.com a ring at (888)
764-9273, and they assign you your very own shopper. You describe the home
theater you’re looking to put together (or whatever it is you’re looking to do),
and they take lots of notes. The Web Shopper then uses your specifications to
assemble the perfect setup. They go over all the products involved with you, and
help you design your room and pick what fits. With this service, you’ll stay
within budget, you’ll meet your deadlines, and you won’t have to worry about a

It’s like having Alfred take care of everything for your
Batcave. A professional home theater shopping staff at your command… I know
it’s been a while since anyone gave me that kind of service. The whole thing
is complimentary, too, and they don’t work on commission; there’s no pressure,
no obligation, no puppydog eyes. And at the end of it all, the theater you get
is YOUR theater, not some generic theater arrangement you have to settle for out
of convenience. It’s a truly personalized

If you’re putting together a home theater, I can’t think
of any reason not to see what
their Personal Web Shoppers can do. The advantages to the service are pretty
obvious, and there are no disadvantages. I recommend giving them a call!

The Great Man Cave Home Theater Hunt

There’s a new contest over at HTmarket.com! Here’s the press release:

CHICAGO, Illinois, May 5, 2008— The leading online home theater marketplace, HTmarket.com, is pleased to announce the first-ever Great Man Cave Home Theater Hunt. Starting on May 5th, brave home theater hunters can go to HTmarket.com, follow the clues, find the codes, and win great prizes to take back to their own Man Cave!

Since the dawn of time, mankind has hunted to equip his cave with the essentials of caveman comfort. It wasn’t long before the most sought after prey of all became those of the genus Home-Theaterus Equippus, which included such beasts as home theater seating, projector screens, home theater speakers,and even elusive popcorn machines. It was held that the greatest of Man Caves should contain a home theater replete with many trophies of these hunts, so that a caveman could relax comfortable after a busy day of cave-painting and fire-questing!

Now you, too, can embark upon The Great Man Cave Home Theater Hunt and equip your Man Cave with everything a home theater requires! To play, quest over to HTmarket.com and search the product listings for cave paintings. Click on any cave painting you find, and you’ll be given a clue. Following this clue will lead you to the page where the Man Cave Code is hidden. Enter this code, and you’ll win a gift certificate valued from $25 to $500!

You can read more about the Great Man Cave Home Theater Hunt at the official contest page. Each Man Cave Code can only be used once, so be the first to follow the clues, find the code and win!

About HTmarket.Com:

Since going online in August of 2000, HTmarket.com has emerged as the premiere online home theater marketplace. Offering the finest home theater products and accessories available, from popcorn machines and home theater seating to projector screens and HD-DVD players, HTmarket.com specializes in bringing the compete theater experience into homes across the globe. With a steadily growing catalog featuring over 6,000 products and unsurpassed customer service, HTmarket.com has been given a Top Rated Yahoo Store score of 4.5 stars by their own customers.

HTmarket.com is located at 5100 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 100,
Chicago, IL 60640. For direct orders, call 1-888-764-9273, fax 773-728-8162, or email sales1@HTmarket.com.

Welcome to BlogHomeTheater.com!

A little about myself, and about this blog:

I work in the IT department for an online home theater store. Since I’ve started working here I’ve been familiarizing myself with the stuff we deal in here; mainly home theater equipment and supplies, bar furniture, and billiards room stuff. A lot of this stuff is new to me; I had no idea people bought actual popcorn machines for their own homes, or that there were professional pool cues out there as elaborately and painstakingly designed as any pro sports shoe.

Along the way I’m learning things I’d never given much thought. There was a time when I couldn’t tell you what the standard movie theater aspect ratio was (it’s 1.85:1), or what Carom was (it’s like hardcore billiards, with just three balls), or that there was actually a sno-cone syrup flavor called “tiger’s blood” (I’m serious- apparently it tastes like strawberry and coconut, and not… well, cat blood).

Naturally, as someone whose product awareness never went far beyond computer parts, art supplies and frozen pizzas, I think a lot of this home theater stuff is pretty cool. In this blog, then, I’m going to talk about whatever cool stuff I’ve found in the distributor catalogs lying around,  new products or gadgets I’ve come across, things I’ve learned about the tech end of it all, or just what I plan to do to my own home theater once I’ve got a house worth sticking one in. So if you’re putting together a home theater or just like to daydream about it, by all means, bookmark this blog and see where I go with it!